Sorry to inform you ladies, but whale vomit is a key ingredient in most expensive perfumes. When 8-year-old Charlie Naysmith in the UK stumbled upon a chunk of whale vomit he said, "It was like hitting the lottery."

Whale vomit apparently helps prolong the scent of perfume and is sought after by the most respectable of the perfume companies. Whale vomit actually has a nice scent - which I found surprising. So if you are ever combing the beaches and run into an amber type rock that smells sweet. It could potentially net you a pretty nice profit.

Sean Kane and Ian Foster,  discovered a 110 pound chunk of whale vomit washed up on the beach in 2008. Known as 'floating gold', because of its high value, the waxy haul was estimated to be worth 500,000 dollars.

Eric the Intern will now be combing the beaches inspecting rocks hoping that they are whale vomit. Seems like a quick way to make some cash.