The other day a listener visited the studio, and while she was there she noticed a bird had a nest right outside the window. I have no idea how long it’s been there, but she seems pretty happy on her little perch at the Fidelity Bank building. Now when I enter the studio I’ll notice if she’s sitting there, and I’m thinking I need to give her a name.

That got me to thinking about what people see when they look out the window. When I have gazed through the blinds in our studios, I’m usually looking for something specific and don’t notice anything in the branches that are right in front of my face. Do other people miss stuff like this?

I also started to wonder what other people see when they look out their windows, whether it’s at home or work or school. Would people share those photos with me or describe what they see when they peek through the blinds? Have you named your own bird in the tree that’s right outside?

So feel free to share away!

Here's what Johnny Thrash sees when he looks out his office window:

Photo courtesy Bethany Lee

Elsewhere in town, a view of the street:

Photo courtesy Bethany Lee