Today is a little known holiday: What If Cats And Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day! While it may seem like a worthless holiday, it makes me stop to think... What if they really did?

When I discovered this holiday a few years back, a friend and I took to the day with gusto. Much to the annoyance of our colleagues, we even purchased a cake in honor of the day. There was a countdown prior to March 3rd, and each year since we've made reference to the day and celebrated, even though we're now living in different states.

So, what if your pet had opposable thumbs? Would she sneak into your fridge and steal your beer? Would he change the TV channel after stealing your remote? Would you find the litter box actually cleaned after use? Knowing my cats, chances are slim they would do anything about it. They would simply sleep, beg for snacks, then go back to sleep.

How will you celebrate this fine day?