It's no secret that the current drought situation in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas has taken a huge toll on our area lakes. And Lake Wichita is one that is in serious trouble.

The Lake Wichita Study Committee met on Tuesday (July 9) to discuss what is going to happen with the dwindling lake. Five sub-committees were set up during the meeting: Fundraising, Recreation, Permitting, Economic Development and Public Awareness. Committee members - which included citizens from Wichita Falls and Lakeside City - each joined one of the sub-committees.

Committee Chairman Steve Garner told NewsChannel 6 that their first priority has to be information gathering. "As quickly as we can, gathering the information we need to put together a permit request that is something the Corps of Engineers can act on," Garner said.

Two previous studies on Lake Wichita have been done, one in 1991 by Biggs & Mathews Inc. and one in 1994 by the Lake Wichita Study Committee. The current Lake Wichita Study Committee is working toward updating the data gathered by those previous studies.

Garner says that they have been given a "golden opportunity" to do something about the future of the lake. What that future holds, has yet to be determined.

The city of Wichita Falls remains under a stage three drought emergency, with a stage 4 emergency looming.

The Lake Wichita Study Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month in the City Council Chambers from 1pm-3pm.What is Going to Happen With Lake Wichita?