I had never heard of the Whisper app until about a week ago, so I figured I would download it to see what all the fuss is about. The concept of the app is simple – you post what you’re thinking or feeling, and do so anonymously.

Let’s address the issue of “anonymous” right off the bat. I don’t believe anything we post on the Internet or on apps can be truly deemed anonymous. Someone is tracking who posted what. If I were to post something “anonymously” to Whisper, and it was regarding illegal activity, I shouldn’t be surprised if the police come knocking at my door.

Nevertheless, the app doesn’t ask you for your info so you’re free to post your thoughts about politics, love, family, friends, bad drivers, macaroni and cheese, or whatever else is on your mind.

What I have found with the app are quite a few gems in a sea of hum-drum posts. I’m particularly confused about the people looking for hook-ups, given that the site is intended to be anonymous. Still, you can expect that people are people, and many are looking to find someone.

I decided to post my first whisper.

“I could waste an entire day watching Lifetime.”

Because I’ve stated this very thing to Facebook, this wasn’t really a private confession. I figured it was a good way to dip my toes into the water. When you whisper, the app suggests a photo for you (or you can choose one from your library), allows you to change the font, then you post your thoughts. It’s as simple as that. After your whisper is posted, others can “heart” your thought or reply to it with a whisper of their own. My Lifetime whisper got five hearts, which I figured was alright for my first try.

I started looking through other whispers, including those from our area. I also told a friend about the app and she made a suggestion for me that apparently the Whisper people didn’t like. I thought it was funny, they must have thought it was offensive. I suppose it's best if I don't repeat it in this post.

I gave it some thought and decided to try yet another whisper.

“After several years, I still get excited every time my cat walks into the room.”

Whisper is no different from anything else on the Internet. You mention a cat and the whole room stops to say “Awww….” Within three hours my post had over 1,000 hearts and 34 replies and was featured in the “Popular” section of the app.

Yes, I’ll admit it. It felt pretty good having people like my whisper.

There are others right here in our area who are whispering. Take a look below at what others have anonymously posted from Texoma and let us know: Have you tried it? What do you think about the idea behind this app?