Jason was diagnosed with muscle dystrophy and always wanted to play football. Unfortunately he is in a wheelchair and cannot participate in the sport he loves, until last night when he scored a touchdown.

Jason is a manager on his fathers football team and always calls the teams plays. A referee had noticed Jason on the sidelines at all the games and he noticed his enthusiasm for the game. The referee said to both coaches for the last play of the game you should have Jason score a touchdown. Both coaches agreed.

With 10 seconds left in the game Jason takes the field. The halfback pushes Jason all the way to the end zone for the touchdown. The best part of the video is Jason's shock when they actually put the points on for the score. "THEY COUNTED IT!" yells Jason in disbelief as to what just happened.

I thought it was very noble of the other coach to allow Jason to score a touchdown. In today's environment people are about kids playing like they are in the NFL. Remember parents this is a game, your kids think of it as a game. Do not put pressure on your kids at this age for sports. This touchdown is a memory that Jason will have forever. Congratulations Jason on your first touchdown, hope more are on the way.

Check out Jason's First Touchdown below: