Forget about thinking what you want to be for Halloween, just go shopping. Let Halloween retail be your costume muse! Here are are some places to buy Halloween Costumes in Wichita Falls!

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    Spirit Halloween

    You can always depend on Spirit Halloween to show up at the right time of year. Spirit Halloween supplies great costumes, accessories, decor, and makeup!

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    Pansy's has costumes and costume accessories all year, because sometimes you need a costume for days other than October. They have high quality wigs, costume makeup, fake ears, and even mascot-like outfits!

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    Target has the coolest kid Halloween costumes. They have multiple kinds of princesses and fairies to be for girls and a lot of super hero outfits for boys.

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    If you dress up just to get the free candy, then you probably don't want buy an expensive Halloween costume. It would cancel out the free candy! Walmart is the best place to get inexpensive costumes or to help buy materials to build your own costume!

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