Summer is just about in full swing and that means 100+ degree temperatures. Sometimes, a cool treat is not only called for, it's a necessity.  Where do you go for your favorite frozen treat in Wichita Falls? Here's our top five, along with your chance to give us your opinion after the list.

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    Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Stores

    Braum's Ice Cream & Dairy Stores are a Texoma tradition when it comes to ice cream. Whether you are in the mood for just ice cream, or a fancy sundae, or a malt or milkshake, Braum's has you covered.

    Plus, Braum's is a regional dairy. I know plenty of people that move away from the area and whenever they come back to visit, the first place they want to eat at is Braum's. That's pretty high praise right there.

    My absolute favorite Braum's treat is the black forest cherry sundae: cool vanilla ice cream nestled on top of a chocolate cake slice, covered with chocolate sauce, cherry sauce, and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Healthy? Uh, no. Delicious? Absolutely!

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    Yogurt Journey

    For the more health conscious among us there is Yogurt Journey on Kemp.  You gotta love a choice of twelve frozen flavors daily, and here's the real hidden gem about Yo-Jo: Get as little, or as much as you want, as many different flavors as you want, and then weigh and pay!

    That's right, this frozen treat is sold by the ounce, so go ahead, fill her up. At just .39 cents an ounce, this treat won't break the bank, either.

    Yogurt Journey
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    Bahama Buck's

    If ice cream or yogurt isn't your thing, or you just need a change of pace, I suggest you check out Bahama Bucks-The original Shaved Ice Company.  We're talking flavors galore, so many, in fact, that it would make this post virtually unreadable if I tried to print them all.  Needless to say, everything from classic Pina Colada flavor to the exotic flavors like mocha java and pickle juice. (??????)

    But, with a motto like "Flavor your Life" I guess you would expect that kind of flavor choices.

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    Orange Leaf

    Just like Yogurt Journey, Orange Leaf is a somewhat healthier pay by the ounce cool treat alternative - depending on the toppings you choose. While Yogurt Journey and Orange Leaf are very similar, Orange Leaf's retro interior seating and frequent discounts sets them apart from the rest. Grab an "Ounce Back" target="_blank" card and ever dollar you spend will earn you 1 point - every 10 points earned adds $1 onto your card that you can cash in for more yogurt whenever you like. Also keep an eye on the Orange Leaf - Wichita Falls Facebook page for frequent discount codes.

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    Dairy Queen

    Dairy Queen pretty much invented soft serve ice cream and have continued the tradition even if the chain has evolved to more of a fast food restaurant over the years.  I know several people who swear by the DQ Blizzards and make them their first choice for ice cream.

    Also, of note is the DQ ice cream cakes which are delicious and the perfect choice for the ice cream lover's birthday cake.