I've lived in Wichita Falls for over 10 years and I've never experienced an actual drought. So when I received the following email from The City about possible drought conditions, I immediately started thinking about how I'd be able to survive if a conservation plan was put in place.  The city actually has some good ideas in the link below.


"Various departments and divisions within the City of Wichita Falls have been receiving inquiries from the public concerning water conservation, water restrictions and the City’s Drought Status. City employees are continually monitoring drought conditions in the area and the impact they are having on source water lakes used by the City. Rains received in 2010 filled area lakes to over 80% capacity. The lakes remained at 80% capacity through the beginning of 2011. However, due the lack of spring rains, evaporation of lake water and use of lake water for public consumption and use, lake levels have declined sufficiently enough for planning to begin should there be a need to call for a Stage One: Drought Watch.
Recent projections indicate that without significant rainfall the triggering of a Stage One: Drought Watch may occur within the next several weeks. A Stage One: Drought Watch will initiate several measures throughout the City and require citizens to voluntarily reduce their water consumption. The City will increase its public education campaign on Water Conservation to assist the citizens in achieving water reductions and the City will increase its efforts of enforcement of the year-round 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. spray irrigation restriction.
For a complete description of all Drought Stages, the City’s Drought Plan, current watering restrictions and water conservation tips go to wichitafallstx.gov.