Over the past four weeks, we have been celebrating the women who make a difference every day in service to our communities. We asked you to nominate someone in our community – a female cop, firefighter, EMT, or military servicewoman – for a chance to be recognized as Wichita Falls’ Hometown Heroine of the Year and win an amazing prize package!

And we have our winner!

Congratulations to Lucianna Becerra of Wichita Falls! She has been voted Wichita Falls' first Hometown Heroine of the Year! Lucianna is currently serving as a recruiter with the Army National Guard. She has served in the Army since she graduated high school in 2006 with a tour in Iraq in 2009. She is also actively involved as a youth pastor mentoring the youth. She dedicates time to the homeless in Wichita Falls as well as the Women's shelter. Lucianna is a single mom with two beautiful little girls.

In addition to the prestige of being voted Wichita Falls' Hometown Heroine of the year, Lucianna has also won the following prizes:

Lucianna has committed herself to serving our community and our country and we salute her. Feel free to congratulate Lucianna in the comments section below.