UPDATE-Saturday, September 14

Libby Brooks and her family met with the owners and management of Five Guys on both Friday and Saturday to resolve the issue.  We spoke with Libby's mother, Dorothy Brooks, by phone.  The news is good.  Listen below as Dorothy explains why Libby must wear a surgical mask, what happened at the restaurant on Thursday and how he issue has been resolved

Dorothy Brooks explains Libby's condition and how events unfolded at the restaurant on Thursday afternoon:

Next, Dorothy talks about the family's meeting with the restaurant owner and management on Friday and Saturday:

Dorothy thanks Libby's supporters, asks for forgiveness and a second chance for Five Guys:

Here's a look at Libby's Children's Miracle Network video:

Friday, September 13

A new Wichita Falls restaurant has found itself at the center of a controversy. Social media has been buzzing all day long about the incident involving a local child.

According to information posted to the Five Guys Burgers and Fries Facebook page, 11-year-old Libby Brooks was visiting the Wichita Falls location on Thursday with family and an unidentified employee allegedly began to “make fun of her” because of the mask she wears to protect her from germs.

According to a Times Record News article from 2011, Libby suffers from Henoch-Schonlein Purpura, a rare auto immune disorder.  According to a post on Libby’s Facebook page, the incident began as soon as Libby and her 'big' sister arrived (Libby is part of the Big Brothers-Big Sisters mentoring program).

‘As they walked in the door one of the workers proceeded to hold his hands up in the shape of an x and telling Libby she couldn't come in there because she was sick. She had her mask on. After her big sister was telling him why she has the mask and that she couldn't make anybody sick she was wearing it for her protection he continued to joke around about the situation even after the shift manager asked him a few times to stop. ‘

Bill Osterman, one of the owners of Five Guys-Wichita Falls, tells News Talk 1290

‘No malice was meant…we had no idea she was sick.  Everyone is so sorry that they’ve upset this young lady. ‘

Molly Catalano, a corporate spokesperson for Five Guys issued the following statement

‘We are so saddened about the situation that occurred at our Wichita Falls, TX location.  It is unacceptable for any employee to make any customer feel bad or embarrassed. We want to apologize to Libby and her family and do all that we can to make this right.  The employee who interacted with Libby feels very badly about hurting her feelings.  It was never the intent of the employee to cause any distress.  The store owner was on site and spoke with the family and immediately  apologized to the family. We are actively trying to get in touch with the family again so that we can make sure we do all that we can to make this right.’