Are you ready for a little one on one zombie fun? You are?? Well too bad, weirdy pants. There will be a lot more than one zombie to run from in the 5k marathon scheduled for October 27th in downtown Wichita Falls at the annual Zombie Crawl.

If your like me and your not much of a run for your life kinda person, instead of being chased by the zombies you can join'em. Register for the event and show up dressed as a zombie or survivor, then ready yourself to either run for your life, or to scare the bejesus out of someone!  The event will host free live music, raffle drawings, lots of food and lots of contests including a rib eating contest and best costume contest.

This is a public event that everyone is welcome to join. Proceeds of the run benefit the American Red Cross of North Texas and Downtown Wichita Falls Development. The 5K kicks off at Dusk, tentatively 7:15pm.

List of events:

4:30 pm: The Atterbuy Blueprint

5:00 pm: Dr. Philgood & The Let's Get in On's

5:30 pm: Dawn of the Fed (rib eating contest)

6:00 pm: James Cook & The Audacity

6:30 pm: Zombie Crawl

7:15 pm: Infekted 5K