A large wildfire has sparked in the Wichita Falls area just off of highway 79 - just south-west of Kemp. The fire is threatening the Lakeside City area and evacuations are being considered as of 3:00 pm.
Kemp street is closed at Southwest Parkway near the dam due to heavy smoke.
Officials ask that you avoid this area if at all possible.
We will post more info as it becomes available.

Update: As of 4 pm:

WFFD reports that the fire is NOT under control.  No word yet on how many acres are involved.

Rathgeber Road, west side @ Hwy 79 is closed; Hwy 79 near Kemp is closed

All motorists should avoid the area.

Update: As of 4:44 pm:

Fire units have the fire on Highway 79 near Kemp under control. One house has reportedly been burned as well as a barn. FM 1954 at Hwy 79 and Kemp at Hwy 79 remain closed.