You might have heard about this on Kidd Kraddick in the morning on Thursday.  Will Smith is in New York City filming Men In Black 3 for a summer 2012 release.  He is already renting a $25,000 a month condo about a block from the filming location, but still wanted a trailer on set.  This is one tricked out trailer!  It is two stories tall, and has over 1150 square feet.  To call it a trailer is to not do it justice.  Check out the pictures...

The Trailer, pictured above,  is called "The Heat", and is one of many models offered by Anderson Mobile Estates.

Now, Check out the inside....

This is the kitchen area with matched grain italian cabinets and flooring.

Looking back from the kitchen to one of the downstairs living areas.

This is the stairwell to the upper level.

Chillin' with a 50 inch plasma television with seating for 30 upstairs.

the upstairs lounge area complete with bar.

For more photos check out Anderson Mobile Estates