Vampires seem to be making a lot of news lately. It also seems that people claiming to be vampires are attacking a lot lately. This week has seen its latest attack, where a woman claiming to be a vampire attacked a man.

It happened in St. Petersburg , Florida, where Josephine Smith took shelter from the rain with her victim, 69-year-old Milton Ellis. Ellis is wheelchair-bound, which seems to have made him a fitting snack. When he fell asleep outside of the deserted Hooters they were at, Smith climbed on top of him and started chewing.

Milton Ellis, 69, had fallen asleep on the porch of the deserted Hooters in St. Petersburg when he woke up to find Josephine Rebecca Smith, 22, on top of him, he told police. Smith told Ellis she was a vampire and then proceeded to bite him, tearing off chunks of his face and a part of his lip, St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz said, according to The St. Petersburg Times.

Ellis was hospitalized but is expected to recover, and Smith is being held with bail set at $50,000. She claims to remember nothing of the attack.

I can’t help but wonder what on earth people are thinking when they’re attacking people and claiming to be vampires. I love vampire movies and books, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to attack a defenseless person in order to fulfill some psycho deep-seeded need. This woman needs to be released to a mental institution.