The Sunshine State's stupid criminal cup runneth over.

The newest addition to the Bat-sh*t Crazy Girlfriend Hall of Fame is 23-year old Jadian Hatfield of Pensacola, Florida. Hatfield's ex-boyfriend is 25-year-old Brandon Fleming of Baker, Florida, and the two of them have a two-year-old song together.  They've had joint custody of their son since they broke up in February.

One day, Jadian decided that she wanted her son all to herself.

So - as any good demented ex would do -  she sent threatening text messages to Brandon. “She sent me a text message that said I'm going to be six-feet under just like my momma,” said Brandon.

Jadian then rounded up a couple of her (equally crazy) male friends and headed over to Brandon's house to take her son. Jadian reached through an open window and grabbed the little boy and put him in the car.  As Brandon chased her outside, her friends started fighting with him.

It was then that Jadian pulled a sneak attack and ripped off Brandon's prosthetic leg and started beating him with it. Talk about kicking a guy while he's down. And as if Jadian didn't have a leg up on Brandon already, she also felt it necessary to pull a shot-gun on him and threaten to shoot him if he didn't let her leave.

Jadian was later arrested and charged with several crimes, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. And yes, if you get beaten with your own fake leg, it counts as a deadly weapon.

Brandon's son is back in his custody now, and considering the prison time Jadian will likely be slapped with, the boy will probably be with him for good.

Listen to Brandon recount the story of being beaten with his own leg by his ex: