I can only imagine that taking the bar exam is stressful. A woman in Illinois knows that stress all too well. While taking the exam recently, she went into labor, but completed the test anyway!

Elana Nightingale Dawson was on the final portion of the exam when she went into labor. Granted, labor can take forever, as was the case with my son. Yet Dawson carried on to complete the test, fearing she wouldn’t get another chance to take it.

The rules of the bar exam state that once the test is started, it must be completed in order to be valid. The 29-year-old stated that she finished the test as quickly as possible so she could get out of there and head to the hospital.

That’s exactly what she did, and just two hours after the test she delivered a baby boy. I have to give kudos to this woman. The bar exam can’t be easy, yet she went on and finished, even though she had a lot more on her mind at that moment. She won’t find out until October if she passed the bar, but I’m hoping she did.

This is one more example of why women are so awesome.

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