Jason Elia is a TV writer in Nashville, Tennessee, and he may just have the worst girlfriend ever.

Jason was planning to propose to his girlfriend, and bought a pair of Super Bowl tickets so he could pop the question at this Sunday's big game.

Unfortunately, he got diagnosed with bladder cancer, and when she found out, supposedly she DUMPED him.  (This wonderful girl wasn't named.)

Then she found out about his plan for the proposal, and had second thoughts. She still doesn't want him back, but she'd like the tickets. Her logic is that he bought them for her in the first place, so she should still get to go to the game.  While he battles cancer.  Yeah.

Jason had other ideas.  He's auctioning off the tickets on Twitter to the person who gets him the most followers.  On Sunday, a webcam model who offered his followers a free five-minute show was in the lead.

Jason's Twitter account is @notjasonelia.  The contest runs through Tuesday.  He's not posting results, but @hotttasian is sending him a ton of followers.