I know whenever I hear about someone finding a razor blade in their food, my first instinct is that it's a hoax.  Simply because "razor blade in the food" hoaxes have been around as far back as I can remember.  Well, this one's for real.

A few weeks ago, 46-year-old Yolanda Orozco of Willits, California went to a Burger King and got a hamburger.  She took one bite, then lifted up the bun to check for onions. It's a good thing she did, since there was a razor blade inside. The cops came, but figured it was a hoax.  Then the Burger King employees walked them through the kitchen, where there were other identical razor blades right by the food prep stations.

The employees told the cops they use the blades for cleaning.  So the cops think one of them just fell in, no one put the blade in Yolanda's burger on purpose. No criminal charges will be filed, but the health department has stepped in to investigate.  Burger King issued a generic statement saying the franchisee is cooperating with the investigation.

As for Yolanda, she says the restaurant's management called her and "offered to see what I need, but right now, I'm just really paranoid." So you hear that people, may want to check to see whats in that food before biting into it.

Watch a news report about the woman who found a razor blade in her Burger King Hamburger: