When a woman is facing a double mastectomy, you can imagine it’s a frightening time. Going under the knife at all can be frightening in and of itself. Yet Deborah Cohan showed courage and grace prior to her surgery, throwing a pre-op dance party for the OR staff.

Dancing to Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied,” the Ob/Gyn led the surgical team in the dance, then embraced several of the staff members afterward. One woman told Cohan, “Thank you for creating this opportunity to dance with you.”

The mother of two doesn’t want videos like this to stop with her. She’s asked family and friends to make their own videos dancing to Beyonce, writing, “I have visions of a healing video montage. Nothing brings me greater joy than catalyzing others to dance, move, be in their bodies. Are you with me people?”

So get out there and dance!