Many of us don’t want to do jury duty, but when we’re summoned, we go and hope for the best. For some, the best is to sit in on the case, but for others, it’s the last thing they want. A woman in Denver is in hot water because she lied to get out of jury duty, but then she publicly admitted to how she got out of it.

Susan Cole showed up for jury selection wearing wrinkled, mismatched clothing. She made herself out to appear as though she had a mental disorder, and she stated that she had PTSD. It worked and she didn’t have to serve on the jury, but then she opened her mouth.

The incident happened last year, but Cole recently went on a radio show and bragged about how she tricked the judge into letting her out of jury duty. Unfortunately for Cole, the judge who had been presiding over that case remembered her and is now charging her with attempting to influence a public officer.

Most of us do stupid things from time to time, but this woman took it one step further and apparently decided a public confession would be funny. And I suppose it is funny, because now I’m writing about her being a moron.