Their is always that awkward moment when to call someone your boyfriend or girlfriend. I can guarantee that time is not on the first date.

Last week, 35-year-old Jillian Martone of Boca Raton, Florida met 39-year-old Efren Molina.  They decided to go on a first date for food and drinks last Wednesday night. After dinner, Efren went back to Jillian's apartment for a few hours.

As they were talking at the apartment, Jillian called herself Efren's girlfriend.  He disagreed and said she was not his girlfriend. According to the police, she, "became enraged."

Jillian punched Efren, then ran and grabbed a kitchen knife.  Efren managed to wrestle it out of her hand, then forced her out of her apartment and locked himself inside for safety.  She smashed his car windows with a large rock.

Jillian was arrested for aggravated assault and battery.  She was also arrested three months ago for drunk and disorderly conduct. One positive thing he found out she was crazy on the first date. Now he knows not to call her again.

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