A Seattle woman recently discovered that her high school classmates think she’s been murdered. In honor of Kennewick High School’s 30-year class reunion, a story ran in the paper about the classmates who have passed away, and she was listed as one of them who had been murdered.

Cheri Schumann is very much alive and living north of Seattle with her husband and four children. An article in the newspaper last weekend was of interest because it was about the 80 classmates who have passed away, 7 of whom were killed.

Not only did they get Schumann’s information incorrect, they also listed another classmate as having been murdered. In his case, he has passed away, but it was due to an illness, not foul play.

If that was me, a part of me would want to keep quiet about it and just show up at the reunion. Would it actually garner a reaction from people? Yet I think a lot of surprises are a thing of the past with class reunions now. Facebook allows people to connect to a slew of classmates, many of whom you may have never even talked to during school.

Schumann has corrected her error, however. No shackles and zombie gear for that reunion.