In Manteca, California, a 51-year-old woman named Gail Castle took a car on a test drive. The owner of the car did not expect this to happen next.

A few weeks ago, Gail showed up at an 83-year-old man's house and asked if she could buy his 1994 Chrysler 5th Avenue.  It wasn't for sale, but he figured why not?  She asked if he'd go with her on a test drive to a Bank of America, and he said okay.

She went into the bank, handed the teller a robbery note, got about $2,000, then went back to the car.  She asked the old man to drive, and he did not realizing she'd just turned him into her getaway driver.

As he pulled into his driveway, cops swarmed the car with guns drawn.  Fortunately, they quickly put together what had happened.  They let the old man go and Gail tried to run.  They hit her with a taser to the left breast and she stopped. She's been arrested and charged with bank robbery, resisting arrest, and elder abuse.

Another stupid criminal gets arrested, but you know what it was not that bad of a plan. If she could have ditched the car sooner she may have gotten away with it.