A woman in Germany had quite a scare this past week. She drove off the road and into a field, where her vehicle was almost immediately surrounded by large pigs!

In the vehicle with her was her 2-year-old child, and the woman stated that there were about 20 pigs, all very large in size, acting aggressively around her. She didn’t want to leave her car because of their behavior, so she called police.

It’s not stated what police had to do to get her out of her car, but she and her child were rescued without incident.

I suppose the pigs are probably used to someone coming out to feed them, and they may have assumed that a moving vehicle was their meal ticket. That, or they were just irritated because someone drove off the road and disturbed them. I guess that’s the sticking point for me… what was she doing when she suddenly found herself in a field?

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