How much sexism would you be willing to put up with for five extra weeks of vacation a year?

A 32-year-old member of the Russian parliament just proposed a bill that would give women in the country two paid days off work every month - when they're on their period.

He wrote that women are dealing with too much psychological and physical pain during their period to be totally effective at work. So they should have the time off.

On one hand, this all sounds wildly sexist and antiquated. On the other hand, that would be another 24 days off every year, or almost five weeks.

Mikhail is married, so at least one woman might be on his side, but other women in Russia aren't so hot on it. Women's groups aren't just protesting the proposal, they're protesting that he even came up with it.

What do you think about the idea? Would you be for or against women having paid time off work during their period? Let us know in the comments section below.