We've all heard the horrendous names that people come up with for their bands - like Chumbawamba, Kajagoogoo, Justin Bieber and Hoobastank - but now it's YOUR turn to come up with the weirdest, cheesiest and worst possible name for an 80s or 90s band.

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your band name, and if we like your band name the best, you will win two Carmike Cinemas movie passes and a $50 Gift Card to the Wildcatter Ranch Steakhouse! The more likes your band name comment gets may weigh heavily on our winning choice (*wink wink*).

Kory King will announce the winner on Friday (1/27) during the Wayback Lunch Hour and we will also be reading some of the entries on-air over the next couple of days so keep listening to hear yours!

Listen to the audio clip below for more from Kory King:

Now we leave you with this amazingly hilarious literal version of the Men Without Hats "Safety Dance" music video to help you get your creative juices flowing!