Light bulbs are a pretty basic product. A company that everyone has heard of is going to start selling light bulbs in its stores and I am sure some of you would buy it.

You know someone out there that has to have every Apple product imaginable. It could just be a centimeter bigger iPad screen and they would buy it. Well Apple will now have a revolutionary light bulb in its stores for those people to buy.

Apple has teamed with Philips on the, quote, "world's smartest light bulb," called Hue.  It goes on sale today, exclusive in Apple stores and it costs $59.  For one light bulb.  $59.

Now, granted, it's not a normal light bulb.  The Hue system works with your iPad or iPhone.  You can wirelessly control your light bulbs.  You can make them brighter or dim them.  They change colors for mood lighting like "sunset" or "beach scene."

To use the Hue system you have to buy the starter kit, which includes a wireless control center that plugs into your Internet router, plus three bulbs.  That costs $199 and, again, each additional bulb is $59.

Philips says these are special energy-efficient bulbs that last 15 years and consume one-fifth the energy of regular bulbs.  So maybe they'll pay for themselves? I doubt it though.

Check out Apples New Lighting System below: