I highly suspect that the people that took this survey are a bunch of LIARS! According to a survey by CouponCabin, two thirds of us would keep living frugally if we won the lottery. Uh... What?

There were some things I agree with, though, starting with the 72% of Americans would take their jackpot in one lump sum instead of annual payments. Who wants to sit around and wait on your millions? Nope, when I want a midget entertainer on my yacht, I want it NOW.

Now, according to the survey, here's how a big jackpot would NOT change our lives:

--55% of us would keep using coupons. (Of course it was sponsored by a coupon web site so I'm calling BS on this one)

--53% would keep shopping at the Dollar Store or other discount stores. (Uh, no. If I win the lottery jackpot, if you see me by a Dollar Store it's because I am thinking about buying it, or it's my butler's day off and I am out of toilet paper)

--51% would make sure to buy items when they're on sale. (Again, see the midget on my yacht)

--36% of us would keep working at the same job. (I would BUY this radio station, seriously, I would, and then have someone else run it.)

So, we're going to boil this down to the very simple poll to find out what fine Texoma people think about all this: