WWE Raw is coming back through Wichita Falls, stopping off at the KYC for Midday Madness on February 5th.  To many people, their only exposure to WWE is through their televised shows like "Raw Supershow", "NTX", and "Smackdown".  If that's the only way you've experienced WWE, the live show experience might come as a shock.  If you're expecting the glitz and glamor that you see on TV, you might be a little disappointed.  That's not to say the show is bad, just different.  For the televised show, they are playing to the wide audience.  The wrestlers are performing not just for the live audience, but more importantly to the millions of viewers watching on TV.  When you're at a live show, its far more personal.  The performers are there for the in-house fans alone.  No playing to the camera, its all about the people in the seats.  And to make the experience more like what you see on TV, WWE has unveiled a new Stage set for 2012.

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