With the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles facing off in the postseason for the first time since the 1996 ALCS, a lot of people have been wondering where Jeffrey Maier will be watching this week's ALDS between the two teams.

Jefferey Maier is the now infamous Yankees fan that stole a home run to put the Yankees up in that game. As an Orioles fan I have not been a big Jefferey Maier fan. As I am typing this the Orioles are tied with the Yankees in the American League Division Series tonight. Almost every day on ESPN they bring up this incident. A rumor was going around that he would have thrown out the first pitch tonight and that would have made me sick to my stomach.

Jefferey vows to stay at home to watch the game with his wife, who is actually a Red Sox fan. Thank you Jefferey I hope to not see you reaching over the railing ever again at a game. That image still gives me nightmares.

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