Date Idea #4: A Bookstore Date

Need a date that cost absolutely nothing? Try this great idea from The Dating Divas Blog, it’s called a bookstore date and you guessed it, it takes place in a bookstore.

Even if the mere thought of a book puts you to sleep, don’t rule out this date just yet…  this date involves more walking and talking and laughing than actual reading.   The writers of The Dating Divas Blog have done all the work for you, just got to the bookstore date link and you can download a handy invitation and tasks cards that you can use on your date.  The Tasks include things such as, go to the humor section and find a joke that you think is funny, then share it with your partner.  Head to the magazine section and find a quiz that you can take together.  The task cards that you can print out have 6 separate tasks and if that is not enough you can get even more ideas here.

I love this date because it gets you out of the house even if you don’t have money to spend. Or maybe your budget isn’t non-existent,  it’s just not exactly huge.   You could spring for a latte and a pastry for you and your date to keep your stamina up while you  explore.  Wichita Falls has at least two great bookstores for such an adventure.  Hastings or Books-A-Million would be perfect this date.