Wichita Falls is home to Sheppard Air Force BaseRider and Old High feuds, amazing clear blue skies, high winds, and the "World's Littlest Skyscraper." Wichita Falls is a city that has a little of everything.

I was born and raised in Wichita Falls; therefore, I feel that I'm "Wichitan" enough to make this list. So, here's a list of 14 things you may be able to relate to other Wichitans about, especially if you grew up here.

You know you're from Wichita Falls  when...

  • 1

    You've Seen "The Falls" Turned Off

    Shhh...only Wichitans know this secret.

    City of Wichita Falls/Facebook
  • 2

    You Know What "The Hill" Is

    Just ask anyone who isn't from Wichita Falls if they want to go to "The Hill"

  • 3

    You Know About Terrible Tuesday

  • 4

    You Have 'Cruised Kemp"

    It's the busiest street in Wichita Falls.

    Photo By Sarah Kate Allsup
  • 5

    When You Say "Lets go to the mall" You Don't Have To Specify Which One.

    Yes, we know which mall you're talking about.

  • 6

    You Brag About How Dr. Phil Graduated From Midwestern.

  • 7

    You Can Get Aross Town In 10 Minutes

    Helps when you're running late!

  • 8

    You Wear A Jacket When It's 70° Outside

    Seventy degrees is chilly compared to our 110 degree summers!

  • 9

    You Go To Dallas For Vacation

    Dallas is only two hours away and there is a lot to do there!

    Dallas Skyline - Flickr user Nick Oberheiden
  • 10

    You Remember When The MSU Mustangs Used To Be The MSU Indians

  • 11

    You Go To The Fantasy Of Lights Every Christmas

    Fantasy of Lights happens every year at MSU. I love the robot that blows bubbles!

  • 12

    You Know What Month It Is When You See Bikes On Top of Parked Cars Everywhere

    Bikes on top of cars and every restaurant and store seems to be crowded. You never see Wichita Falls this busy until Hotter n' Hell.

    Photo by Dave Diamond/Townsquare Media ©2015
  • 13

    You've Hung Out At Walmart Late At Night With Friends When You Were In High School

    What? The mall closed at 9pm.  We had to go somewhere...

    Getty Images
  • 14

    We Get A Snow Day When There Is Less Than An Inch Of Snow On The Ground

    Yay no school!  Awww, there isn't enough snow to build a snowman.

    Photo Credit: Dave Diamond/ Townsquare Media
  • BONUS!

    Throwing Things Off the World's Littlest Skyscraper in Downtown Wichita Falls