While Christmas specials on television are commonplace and a much anticipated episode of a show's season, we cannot overlook the great Christmas specials online (NSFW language).

With Christmas just days away, we're looking at a dozen of the best YouTube Christmas episodes to watch under the mistletoe. From movie reviews, to rap battles, to taste tests, there's a lot on YouTube to choose from. But be aware, some of these are definitely not something you watch to watch while the children are awake. So dim the lights, turn on the tree, get a glass of egg nog, and enjoy.

  • The Guild

    The Guild Sells Out

    Felicia's Day web series 'The Guild' responded to YouTube trolls in a beautiful fashion for their Christmas episode. After commenters accused the cast of being sell outs, Day and the cast did an episode where they actually sell out, marketing their own merchandise.

  • Red vs Blue

    Red vs Blue Holiday Special

    Rooster Teeth's Halo series 'Red vs Blue' rang in the holidays with their holiday special, featuring a Halo take on classic Christmas carols.

  • Angry Video Game Nerd

    Sega Activator Interactor Menacer

    The ever popular Angry Video Game Nerd has many Christmas specials to choose from, such as covering bible games and the 12 horrible games of Christmas, but its his Christmas episode from last year that takes the cake. Teaming up with another beloved YouTuber, Keith Apicary, the Nerd and Keith review, in destructive fashion, special Sega accessories.

  • The Count Jackula Show

    'Rare Exports'

    Count Jackula is from the planet Dracula, where bad movies stalk the night. In an effort to better understand humanity and our fascination with the holidays, Jackula reviews the underappreciated Finnish Christmas movie, 'Rare Exports'.

  • Boots to Reboots

    'Black Christmas'

    After spending years in a mental asylum, Andy the Maniacal Cinefile is catching up on all of the horror and sci-fi reboots/remakes he missed out on while in the hospital, reviewing the reboot and deciding if its bad enough to get the boot. Reviewing the film with Andy are facets of his personality, Evil Andy and Good Andy. For this episode, the Andys cover a notorious holiday horror classic, 'Black Christmas'.

  • Epic Rap Battles of History

    Donald Trump vs Ebeneezer Scrooge

    Bringing together rap battles between the like of the Ghostbusters and Mythbusters, Miley Cyrus and Joan of Arc, and Jim Henson and Stan Lee, Epic Rap Battles of History had the battle of Scrooge vs. Trump for Christmas, years before he became president.

  • Rage Select

    'How the Saints Saved Christmas'

    For their first Christmas as a website, Texas-based video game site 'Rage Select' played the special Christmas DLC for 'Saints Row 4', using their infamous created character Loretta. (NSFW. You have been warned!)

  • How it Should Have Ended

    'Home Alone' starring E.T.

    Known primarily for animated shorts that give a more logical ending to popular films, How it Should Have Ended also features shorts that swap movie heroes out. Here, what is Harry and Marv were trying to rob E.T.'s house?

  • Everything Wrong with...

    'Home Alone'

    The team at Everything Wrong With... are probably the most critical critics on the internet. For Christmas, they set their sights on breaking down everything wrong with a beloved Christmas classic, 'Home Alone'. Apparently there's so much wrong with the movie it takes them 15 minutes to run it all down!!

  • Honest Trailers

    'The Santa Clause'

    In their most recent Christmas special, Honest Trailers tackles Tim Allen's 'The Santa Clause' showing that the movie is a lot darker than we remember.

  • Good Mythical Morning

    Gross Christmas Food Taste Test

    The guys at Good Mythical Morning put their taste buds on the line, eating Christmas dishes and trying to guess if its a real Christmas dish or just a random concoction.

  • Kids vs. Food

    Kids Eat Foreign Christmas Food

    While its funny to see the guys at Good Mythical Morning eating weird stuff, its even better subjecting little children to weird food from around the world.

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