17-year-old Carson Huey-You is believed to be the youngest person to earn a Master's Degree at TCU, getting his in physics this month.

Carson's scholastic career has been on the fast track most of his life. According to his mother, he was reading chapter books at 2 years old, and started the 8th grade when he was just 5. At 10 Carson began his undergraduate work at TCU, getting his Bachelor's at 14. And its apparently something that's running in the family, as Carson's 14-year-old brother Cannan is also a student at TCU, working towards his degree in electrical engineering.

According to Fox, Cannan has aspirations of becoming an astronaut, while Carson will be continuing his studies at TCU, working towards his PhD,

For me, I like physics and science in general because you get to understand the how and why of just a number of different subjects. So really, just kind of digging into that rabbit hole and figuring out what’s going on behind equations or systems or whatever it is you’re trying to solve.

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