Yeah, we'd say he was more than just a little overdue for a cleaning.

On March 19, a 184-year-old tortoise on Saint Helena island in the South Atlantic named Jonathan got its first-ever bath.

Since Jonathan is old -- and we mean really old -- no one can be certain of his exact age, but it's believed he made it to the island in 1882. "We have a record that he was landed in 1882 fully grown," said veterinarian Joe Hollins. "We are told that fully grown is at least 50 years of age, and so this is how we extrapolate back to a hatching date of 1832, and forward to a current age of 183. Life expectancy is 150."

So, Jonathan is a tortoise and a senior citizen, which means there may be no slower moving creature on the planet.

How much longer will Jonathan be with us? That's anyone's guess, although Hollins said, "There is a chance that he’ll either drop dead tomorrow or live until he’s 250 and see us all off."

A bigger mystery? Why exactly did it take nearly two entire centuries for him to get a bath?