The Wichita Falls Police had a tiny passenger they picked up yesterday after finding a 2-year-old boy walking alone on the Central Freeway Access Road wearing only a shirt, diaper, and socks.

According to TRN, the child's mother said it was all because of a miscommunication. Police received a call from someone who saw the child around 11:25 AM on Monday. They located the boy and found the mother's boyfriend at a house on Dawn Circle.

CPS arrived at the home to make sure the situation was safe for the child. Inside the house they found multiple drug-related items which the 22-year-old boyfriend said were his. He said that he had worked until 3:00 AM and had gone to sleep. He thought the boy's mother was taking him to day care in the morning.

The boyfriend received a citation for the items. The child's father arrived on the scene and took custody of the child.