Calvin Klein is celebrating 30 years of underwear dominance. The fashion designer launched its iconic undies in 1982 and quickly changed the game, featuring buff bods poured into form-fitting pairs of skintight trunks.

Mark Wahlberg—when he was Marky Mark—gained serious notoriety as a CK model. Sure, he's gone on to a respectable, Academy Award-nominated career, but he was a CK underwear peddler at one point.

Kellan Lutz of the 'Twilight' saga also modeled the undies, proving Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner ain't the only hunks in that franchise.

Model Garrett Neff also looked hunktacular in his CK skivvies.

Actor Djimon Hounsou also showed off his God-like figure by dropping trou for CK!

[All photos: Calvin Klein]