3OH!3 have released a new song called ‘Do or Die,’ an awkward mash-up of nearly every pop music trend of the past few years, including electronic synths, Auto-tune and dubstep breakdowns.

The electropop band comprised of Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman scored its biggest chart success with 2009′s ‘Don’t Trust Me,’ which, despite the unfortunate command, “Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips,” at least boasted an infectious chorus.

‘Do or Die’ doesn’t measure up to that standard, starting with its rap-sung verse atop a wobbling piano, followed by a bridge with electronically-altered vocals that sound like Kanye (from three albums ago). Next comes the Skrillex-like bass drop, and then a few strings when the song pauses for dramatic effect. The song’s main hook is, “Throw your phone away and let the night decide,” an apparent instruction to live for the moment. But everything about the composition of the track feels so derivative that it’s hard to take seriously.

‘Do or Die’ is expected to appear on 3OH!3′s next album, though it may not be the first single. The duo’s last album, ‘Streets of Gold,’ produced the hit ‘My First Kiss’ featuring Kesha.


Listen to 3OH!3, ‘Do or Die’

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