This lady puts Clark Griswald to shame. I think that this is one of the brightest displays I have seen in awhile.

A Christmas display with almost 65,600 LED lights at a California home has been attracting hundreds of spectators every night, but not all of them are thrilled by the spectacular light show. Neighbor Joe Flanagan and several other residents said the house is too bright, too loud and brings too much traffic to their quiet neck of the woods.

“It’s more appropriate for the Las Vegas Strip,” said Flanagan. “It’s not that we’re opposed to Christmas, it’s just too much.”While some people have complained about Stewart’s residence to the City Council, she’s only received a noise violation ticket.

Stewart decided to do this in memory of her late husband. This is an amazing light show she has put together. After 650 man hours and 50,000 dollars it better be an amazing light show.

Check out 65,000 Lights in Action below: