IMPACT Wrestling recruited a 70-year-old performer, Mike Jackson, to wrestle on their latest broadcast. Stunning viewers, Jackson displayed some incredible feats of athleticism, taking on Johnny Swinger in one of the most entertaining short matches you’ll ever watch.

Mike Jackson has been wrestling for decades, working for promotions like WCW, NWA and Mid South, facing icons of the business like Ric Flair, Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and Bob Backlund.

Jackson’s resume is impressive but the veteran just re-emerged with IMPACT, defying age by walking the ropes and even performing a flying head scissors and suicide dive out of the ring.

“I’m not a young buck, I’m a 70-year-old old buck,” Jackson said once he hit the ring. “And I’m here for one reason, I came to IMPACT for one reason — I’m fixin’ to give you a good old fashioned Georgia butt kicking, whether you like it or not.”

The limited crowd went bananas for Jackson, who ultimately lost the match against Johnny Swinger by cheating to get the pin. Jackson may have been screwed out of the W, but his incredible performance put him on the map once again during his fifth decade of pro wrestling.

Watch the ageless Mike Jackson steal the show in the video below.

70-Year-Old Mike Jackson Takes on Johnny Swinger in IMPACT Wrestling

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