George Washington in Lawton, Oklahoma? Didn't see this one coming.

When you think of great American presidents, who comes to mind for you? I would say for most people George Washington is without a doubt in their top five. Growing up in Maryland, George Washington's home of Mount Vernon was a big field trip in school back in the day. Looks like Lawton is turning into a piece of Washington history this week.

A movie called 'Washington's Armor' is going to be filmed at Museum of the Great Plains’ trading post in Lawton. The post will act as Fort Le Boeuf, which was used by the French in 1753. According to KSWO, the film is about George Washington in his twenty years leading up the Revolutionary War.

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People who live along Ferris Avenue across from Elmer Thomas Park can expect an increase in traffic with the film crews in town this week. This new movie is set to air on NTD-TV/Epoch-TV on President’s Day February 21, 2022. Hopefully the museum gets to keep some of the sets from the film for displays in the future.

I decided to see what other films were shot in Lawton and nothing really caught my eye. Except for one. The 1956 version of 'Around the World in 80 Days' was shot in Lawton? The sequence in the film where a train is held up by a buffalo stampede uses the herd found in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, where fake railway lines had to be laid down for the film.

May need to look more into that in the future.

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