I figured their would be an increase. Didn't expect to see this much of an increase.

With the Supreme Court overturning Roe VS Wade last Friday, a lot of people have been calling about vasectomies. It has something I have honestly thought about in my life. Don't really have a desire to have a kid, so why not. Well it looks like a lot of people are doing some research right now.

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Dr. Koushik Shaw runs the Austin Urology Institute, we all know what area of the body they specialize in. Dr. Shaw says in a given day, he gets five to eight consultations about vasectomies. Since that Supreme Court decision, the requests have been non stop. On Friday, they had 400 requests about vasectomies. They had 70 in just the first hour after the decision.

Dr. Parviz Kavoussi who helps at the Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine says he is getting a lot of calls as well. Many from guys saying this is directly related to the Supreme Court decision. "A lot of our couples, what they're saying is, the Roe v. Wade, the Texas legislation, it fast-forwarded our decision-making process," said Dr. Shaw.

I know I personally think of that scene from 'The Office' about vasectomies whenever I think about getting one. Oh if I want kids one day, I will just get it reversed. Both doctors say that is an option for men, but remember. A reversal procedure is more expensive and is not always 100%.

So if you're thinking of doing one be sure you don't want kids. Also be sure your partner or potential future partner is also cool with not having kids.

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