This sounds like nightmare fuel to me, but you can go check it out if you want.

Always try to learn something new everyday I say. Today I learned Texas is the battiest state in the country. We have more bats than all 50 states. So the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department just shared a map of the best bat watching sites in our state.

Now I expected to see the Austin and San Antonio area on the list. You may have heard of Bracken Cave in that area that has around 20 million bats. Yeah, pretty crazy stuff. So I'm looking at the map above and I see ONE spot near us. I mean, it's a bit of a drive from Wichita Falls, but it's a LOT closer than the other ones.

So what is this place? That would be Caprock Canyon State Park. If you're traveling to Lubbock or Amarillo, you may want to detour to check this place out. The park has a trail which has an old railroad tunnel, which they have named Clarity Tunnel. During peak times of the year, they're said to have half a million bats inside of the tunnel.


The say the best time to visit is from late April to early October. For the most bat activity, they say early September is the best this is when the vast majority of the colony will start migrating south. I'm not really a bat person, but if you're. Maybe worth a road trip in your future.

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