UPDATE (5/2/17 5:10 PM):

We just got a heartbreaking update from the Texas Pit Crew. Unfortunately, Bones passed away at 5:00 pm today as a result of his injuries. He was revived three times and fought to the very end but just couldn't hang on.

"We are absolutely devastated," said Kelly Bryan with TPC. "We wanted so very much for this guy to experience a life full of happiness and love. He was surrounded by people who cared deeply about him through his final moments."

Rest in peace, Bones.

Original Story:

I cannot believe this dog is still alive. 

Someone in Wichita Falls called in to Animal Services about a dog in very bad shape roaming around the east side of town Monday afternoon around 3:30. The dog, an American pit bull terrier now named Bones, was released to the local rescue group Texas Pit Crew and taken to Simmons & Harlan Veterinary Clinic. The staff was shocked when they first saw him, but quickly fell in love.

The dog was extremely skinny, covered in scars and smelled of rotting flesh. The most shocking part is the dog's paw had four completely exposed bones. This morning (5/2), the staff at Simmons & Harlan took Bones into surgery to amputate his front right leg and neuter him. Surgery was hard on him, but the vet says Bones has a strong heart and is currently recovering at the animal hospital. A heartworm test is pending.

Amber Browning with Texas Pit Crew tells us they don't know exactly what happened to this little guy, but there are speculations that he could have gotten his paw stuck in a trap of some sort, or this could be a result of dog fighting.

Bones is in good hands with the dedicated volunteers at Texas Pit Crew. Texas Pit Crew relies on donations and could use your help to cover the cost of Bones' care. If you would like to help him out, you can make a donatantion on their website here.

We'll keep you updated on how Bones is doing as he recovers.

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