52-year-old Sean Young, best known for her roles in "Blade Runner", "Stripes", and "Ace Ventura Pet Detective", ended up in jail on Sunday after the Academy Awards and is now demanding an apology from the Academy for her very public arrest.

Young was arrested outside the Governor's Ball, an offical post-Oscar party, while waiting with her friends to enter the party.  Young told TMZ that she was arrested when an Oscar official suggested to a security guard that they make a citizen's arrest on Young.  Young was released the following morning on $20,000 bail.  It was later revealed that Young was asked to leave because she did not have an invitation.  She returned later to confront the security guard and slapped him after he may have put his hand on her arm, resulting in her arrest.

Sean Young is now doing damage control, painting herself as the victim of the Academy.  Young took to her Facebook page to update her fans on the situation,

"I just want everyone to know that I was sober, extremely well behaved when a very stupid security guard went postal on me and then The Academy's very stupid lawyer recommended a 'private person's arrest.

"I have grounds for a lawsuit against the Academy although I believe a public apology to me would be much better.

"I am OK and I have the Hollywood Police Stations [sic] support who very carefully and kindly photographed the bruises on my arms which this guard is responsible for doing." 

Young's quick jump to damage control is understandable given her history in Hollywood of being somewhat unbalanced.  She was originally cast in the Tim Burton film "Batman" as Vicki Vale, a role that went to Kim Basinger after Young was injured early in production.  Young lobbied hard to get the role of Catwoman in the follow-up, going so far to sneak onto the set dressed as Catwoman to confront Tim Burton and Michael Keaton.  Young has also had problems with Oscar parties in the past, being kicked out of a Vanity Fair Oscar party in 2006 for not having an invite.  In 2008, Young entered rehab for alcohol abuse after she was kick out of the Director's Guild of America Awards. 

At the time of this post, the Academy has yet to comment on the situation.