Adam Lambert says his second album will likely be out early next year.

The hotly-anticipated, as-yet-untitled, album follows Lambert’s successful debut, ‘For Your Entertainment.’ A fan tweeted Lambert to ask about the album release timeline, and the ‘American Idol’ alum responded [capitalization Lambert's], “as of now, album will be released in the spring. Feb/march?”

The first single is expected to hit radio soon. Last week Lambert tweeted, “Seems as though the single will explode in November. I’m sorry for the delay- but trust me, it’s worth it. The song HAS to be perfect!”

Lambert recently told Us Weekly that the album will feature “a more serious tone,” adding, “It is an autobiographical album that portrays my dreams and aspirations. There are also some songs that deal with heartache and love. Whereas my old album was fun, campy, and over the top, this album is more contemporary and honest. The last album was more of a fantasy and this album is a search for my identity.”