Adam Lambert is a Gleek! The ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ singer recently gushed about ‘Glee‘ in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, and even spoke about his dream to one day guest star on the show. However, unlike the many famous guest stars who have appeared on past episodes of the musical series, Lambert wouldn’t want to play a fictional character, but would actually want to portray himself.

First, Lambert spoke about his hopes to snag a ‘Glee’ guest spot someday, and how he is eagerly awaiting a call from the execs at Fox. “I don’t know, ask them,” Lambert told THR when asked why he hasn’t been offered an acting spot on ‘Glee.’ “I think there were murmurs about it. Hopefully, maybe now that I have some new music, I could go on there.” The new music Lambert is referring to, in case you are living under a rock, is his second album ‘Trespassing,’ slated for released on March 20.

Unlike other ‘Glee’ guest stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, who portrayed substitute teacher Holly Holliday, and Neil Patrick Harris, who played Will Schuester’s nemesis Bryan Ryan, Lambert wants to keep his guest role as truthful as possible. How will he do this? By playing himself, of course! “I want to just be me,” Lambert said. “Why do I have to be a fictional character?” Can you just imagine Lambert engaging in a rockin’ sing-off with one of the many ‘Glee’ regulars? Or perhaps appearing as a inspirational figure to a struggling member of the New Directions?

Even if he isn’t offered a spot on the show, we have a feeling Lambert will keep tuning in to ‘Glee’ for many episodes to come. He gushed about the show, calling it “so cute” and explaining that is a pretty accurate representation of what high school is like for “arts kids.” Lambert went on to say he wasn’t a ‘Glee’ fan at first, but that he grew to love the show and respects it for addressing important and often taboo topics, like coming to terms with one’s sexuality and teenage pregnancy.

“When ‘Glee’ first came out, I was like, ‘I don’t really like this show,’” Lambert told THR. “But now I watch it … And you know what? I do think the show has an agenda, but I respect the agenda. I think it’s a very brave agenda to try to push. I think that they’re one of the few people that are doing it. So it’s definitely one of a kind and very revolutionary in that way.”

So, will Ryan Murphy give Adam Lambert a call soon? Only time will tell!