Need to motivate the school? Have a 'punishment' for the teachers as an incentive for a grand prize.

Remember raising money for school back in the day? My school had us selling candy bars or doing bake sales throughout the year. Looks like Jefferson Elementary tried out something new. According to KAUZ, if half the school participated in a fundraiser for the PTA, Principal Erica Adkins and Assistant Principal Kelli Roberts would spend the night on the school's roof.

I would have loved to see something like this as a kid. Thankfully, the donations came pouring in and they raised over $17,000. Glad to see Erica and Kelli kept their word. Yesterday they pitched a tent above Jefferson Elementary and treated it like a real camp out.

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Plenty of hot chocolate and snacks to pass the time last night. I don't know what the policy on fires above the school are, but I someone should have brought smores. Can't do a camping without smores.


Hopefully these two got plenty of rest last night and this school day is going smooth. I know Monday is kicking my butt today because the Cowboys lost. As I learned this morning, that is Homer Simpsons fault. Shout out to all the kids (and parents of course) at Jefferson Elementary that made this possible. Maybe we need to get the teachers involved next year? I am sure they would LOVE that. Maybe if you hit a certain dollar amount, that adds another teacher to the camp out? Just throwing ideas out there.

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