Yesterday, officials from the Academy Awards made an official statement in regards to Sacha Baron Cohen's plan to arrive at the Red Carpet in character as "Admiral General Aladeen" from his new film "The Dictator", with the intention to change into a regular tuxedo once he got inside the awards show.  Apart from not wanting Cohen to do something controversial, the Academy does not allow anyone to promote their upcoming films on the Red Carpet or during the Oscars broadcast.

Earlier today on "The Today Show", Cohen responded to the Academy's decision as "Admiral General Aladeen".  Do you think Cohen will no-show the Oscars even though he's a cast member of the nominations leader "Hugo"?  Or if he shows up, will he abide by the Academy's wishes?

UPDATEAccording to MSNBC, Academy Awards producer Brian Grazer has confirmed that the Academy has relented and Cohen will be allowed to show up to the Oscars Red Carpet tomorrow in character as "Admiral General Aladeen",

"We're thrilled to have him and he'll be on the red carpet dressed as 'The Dictator,' "

Grazer and the Academy have not given a reason for allowing Cohen to go through with this publicity stunt, but its not hard to see what's going on here... ratings.  For the past three days, this is has been the most talked about story in regards to this year's Academy Awards, and the Academy is well aware that allowing Cohen to do this will mean more people will tune into the pre-show to see what he does.  I would be shocked if Cohen's arrival wasn't the focal point of the pre-show now.